"In the design of an internal combustion engine, the aesthetic side must not be overlooked.  In the first place, beauty of form and proportions is in itself an admirable guide to mechanical correctness; for mankind has come to regard as beautiful that which is mechanically correct, whether it be in nature, in architecture, or in engineering." ~ Ricardo, 1923 is an online abstract of knowledge and experience gained through research into combustion engine emissions testing. It is published and maintained by Brent Rubeli, a diesel engine research engineer and self-described gear-head.

Diesel and spark ignition (SI) internal combustion engines will likely remain the dominant power source for mobility and materials handlingDiesel's Engine for the foreseeable future. Major developments in diesel engine technology in the last decade have transformed it into a viable "green" alternative for today's economic climate.

Research into new fields such as homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), SI lean-burn and direct fuel injection are blurring the traditional lines between diesel and spark ignition combustion. There is still significant room for engine and emission control systems development to guarantee the future of internal combustion engines.

This site contains references to my research on engine and emission control technology, tips from the engine lab and musings on the state of diesel technology. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my research.

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